50. A gender issue.

“Kill one man and you’re a murderer, kill a million and you’re a conqueror.”
Jean Rostand.

1. Thank goodness for the Morton Bay figs, because they provide plenty of quality shade. Certainly more shade than a gum tree provides, or a bromiliad.

Mr B explained the mindset of a conspiracy theorist, then Mirko ascended the Ladder of Knowledge. Mirko spoke about Adam and Eve, and somehow linked the Adam’s apple in our throat with the story of how Adam and Eve earned God’s disfavour. Fortunately, just when this scribe began to doubt the veracity of Mirko’s claims, Mirko supplied the following photograph of the event. Then it all made sense.

2. Men would never buy a magazine again if it purposely published falsehoods, yet women buy magazines knowing the photos are fabricated, celebrities are stalked and harassed, and outright lies peddled. “Why do women buy those magazines when they know that?” asked the perplexed Mr B.

Mr B was referring to thisitem in the ABC’s Media Watchtelevision program.

3. Ben the Whisperer took the Ladder to explainwhy we will never run out of fossil fuels, and then answered questions. He was brave, and did well.  Here is a link to the processhe was talking about.

Bill Gates: the man turning air into petrol.

4. Other topics discussed:
– Mark the Grinner spoke about gender issues (“both sexes have psychos on both sides and we should ignore what they say”) and he expressed his concern for how our culture is becoming amalgamated with that of the U.S.

– Mr B read a short story by James Thurber: “The Macbeth Murder Mystery”. It shone a much needed light on the Scottish play and revealed who really did kill King Duncan.

– John August spoke about the obtrusiveness of advertising. His talk inspired plenty of interest and some vibrant discussion.

– One judgemental passer-by asked with a smirk if the Earth was flat. Mr B took exception to the enquiry. He gave an emphatic ‘no’ and then harangued the young man until he was out of sight. And then some.

5. This scribe would liketo end the year by thanking the park’s rangers for turning a blind eye to Mr B’s parking habits. Mr B parks illegally to drop off the chairs, and then again when it’s time to pick them up. When the rangers drive past they always just happen to look the other way. That’s gracious of them. Thank you, rangers!

A toast to you all, and happy new year!

6. We also end the yearwith our Unusual Creature Series and by featuring a Lowland Streaked Tenrec from Madagascar. I wonder if they can be kept as pets? Perhaps someone will tell us on our Facebook page.