50. Christmas is upon us.

“When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

1. The Domain was taken over by ‘Carols By Candlelight’, though we speakers were ‘granted’ a portion of where we usually speak, and it was enough.

However, although there were plenty of people about, virtually no one sat down to listen. There was too much going on. Mr B was the first to wander off into the festivities.

There were freebies galore. We were given delicious desserts from the ‘Connoisseur’ company, and nearby Captain McCleans, the Tooth Crusader, was on hand giving out tubes of toothpaste. (Handy, after the dessert!) There were carnival games for the kids, radio stations taking people’s photographs, and a real stick insect advertising the Botanic Garden’s educational platform.

Here is a large stick insect blending into its natural surroundings.


Giant Stick Insect (Giganticus Phasmatodea) near the trunk of a tree.

2. With all the rides and freebies and everything, it was like being in a circus. We, of course, had our own one-man circus to deal with. Mirko was in fine form. His endless interruptions and his ‘loose canon’ mind were as prominent as ever.

Today Mirko insisted that his revival of Mother Nature’s phonetic language is far superior to any immediate translation Google have come up with. We wonder if his efforts have taken the following into account:


3. A grasshopper observed that ‘Carols By Candlelight’ has changed in the last few years. It used to be that friends and family could sit on a blanket and listen to the carols. Now you have book ahead, and pay, to sit in ordered seats, as though you’re attending a concert.

Perhaps the speakers should also start charging their listeners? $220 per person for the three and a half hour show seems fair. Indeed, it would be cheap at twice the price. What do you think? Is $220 per person, or $800 per family, too reasonable? Should the fee be higher? Should seniors get a discount? Let us know your thoughts on the matter.

4. We had a pleasant encounter with the rangers today and they politely asked us to refrain from encroaching on the festivities. We were happy to comply.

This is another opportunity to thank the rangers for their support over the years. They are nearly always friendly, and their habit of turning a blind eye to our car as we unload and load the chairs is particularly appreciated. Thank you!

We hope the rangers enjoy any break they might get over Christmas, and are given triple-time when they do have to work!

5. The bad news and the good news:
The bad news: There will be no speakers this coming Sunday, Christmas Day.
The good news: There will be no hecklers this coming Sunday, Christmas Day.

The same applies for the following week. The speakers don’t wish to compete against the loud music on Field Day.

Posts in this blog will continue over the break. This scribe is not 100% sure why.

See you in the Domain on January 8th.
6. A man from the rationalist society took the ladder and spoke in favour of eugenics. He spoke well and was happy to take questions. We hope he speaks again.


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