51. Christmas Day

“The best cure for sea sickness is to sit under a tree.”
Spike Milligan.

1. No doubt the hecklers came to Speakers’ Corner today, unaware that it’s Christmas Day. To give them credit, at some point they would have become dimly aware that the speakers weren’t there and that something was amiss.

An oil tanker takes more than 10 kilometres to make a turn. In the same way, the hecklers would have come to the slow realisation that there would be no Speakers’ Corner today. Glacier-like, they would have changed their plans.

How the hecklers manage to find their front door in the morning has always been a puzzle, but how they manage to find their front door from somewhere else is nothing short of a miracle. Today they have the added benefit of leaving early and having more sunlight to make the job easier.

2. Correction: in last week’s epistle this scribe said there would be no Speakers’ Corner next week (New Year’s Day). He was wrong. Steve Maxwell will be there. Steve isn’t concerned about the noise that will be made by the Field Day concert. He thinks Mr Bashful is a squib. So does this scribe.

3. Here are some messages to do with sexual respect: