7. Decriminalise illegal drugs?

“.. and people get married like marriage is victory, and people have children like children is a victory. It’s something they have to do because there’s nothing else to do. There’s no glory in it, no steam, no fire.. it’s very, very flat.”
Charles Bukwoski

1. Helmut began the meeting in a cheery, co-operative mood and answered questions posed by his groundlings. For some reason he equated intelligence with knowledge.

It was another hot day and it was good to sit in the shade.

2. A poem was read.

3. Mr B pulled off a wonderful card trick
, but presented it so poorly few people understood what happened.

Had his grasshoppers known what was going on, they would have responded like this:

4. Mark the Grinner took the Ladder of Knowledge and starred again. He is an entertaining, natural speaker.

Then Mr B took the platform and asked, “Should illegal drugs be legalised/decriminalised?” The discussion lasted for over an hour and many people contributed. It was a perfect example of how people can disagree with one another respectfully.

Here is a Valentine’s Day note from the Postsecret website.

5. Other subjects discussed:
– Mr B gave two life hacks (handy hints) to his appreciative audience. One was about how to create and store passwords; the other: go into any Starbucks cafe and say, “Ariana Grandé.” You will be handed a coffee.

– Would a multi-billionaire lose control of her company if she gave much of her money away? (The answer, Mr B was informed, was “No”.) Are the large multi-million dollar salaries CEOs receive justified? (The answers he received were: “Yes” and “No”.) Would an Australian-wide salary cap work? (“Yes!” was the consensus.)
Mr B was grateful to his grasshoppers, because his questions were interoggative, not rhetorical.

– Towards the end of the day, the still cheery Helmut again took the Ladder of Knowledge and rounded off proceedings nicely. There had been more than four hours of discussion.

– Another good speaker, Peter the Younger, spoke briefly while your scribe helped the Pirate Party set up for their talk across the way. John August spoke about economics.

– If someone dies overseas, why do their relatives spend a small fortune and go to a lot of fuss bringing the body back? Why not just have their rello disposed of over there? Mr B was genuinely curious.

6. In our Unusual Animal Serieswe present to you the deep sea Goblin shark. This particular specimen thinks highly of our Facebook page.