7. Mr Ed is smarter than the hecklers.

1. Mr Ed, the talking horse, would never speak unless he had something to say. How wise! It is ironic that such sagacity is possessed not by a human being, but by the world’s only talking horse.

It’s a shame the regular hecklers don’t have such wisdom. Today, Mirko interfered like a runaway train; Tony Boyce was adept at misunderstanding the topic being discussed; Norm let fly a few funny insults and got everyone laughing but the speaker; and Peter argued with the other hecklers.

In other words, business as usual.

But we did have a few fresh faces heckling today and the quality of heckling soared. The trouble is, those new hecklers kept finding flaws in Mr Bashful’s arguments. That is unacceptable. Hopefully, when the hecklers got home they looked in a mirror and took a long hard look at themselves.

2. A woman heckler was giving poor Mr Bashful such a hard time a bystander asked if they were married. Mr Bashful took that as a sign and promptly proposed to the woman. Inexplicably she declined.

3. For a considerable time, Helmet drifted aimlessly around the park like a slowly deflating balloon. He finally took his ladder and drew a crowd.

Steve Maxwell had a steady audience all day.

Ray, as usual, ‘entertained’ the kiosk’s customers who tried to relax and consume their refreshments.

And Mirko ranged from speaker to speaker asking questions about his own material.

Thus, it appears we only have four intelligible speakers left: Steve Maxwell, Helmut, Ray and Mr Bashful. Unfortunately, Mitch, Norm, John August, Scott, Peter and Gary the Hemp Man appear too infrequently to allow us to claim a fifth speaker.

What will happen to Speakers’ Corner when we four old sods fade away? One of Sydney’s oldest institutions (140 years at the moment) will be gone.

We need fresh blood.

Is there not anyone out there who wants to improve their speaking skills? (Being able to speak fluently, without umming and ahhhing, is a wonderful skill to have in the work place and in social occasions.)

Are there not up-and-coming musicians, magicians and comediennes who want to reduce their nervousness, get experience, and discover what works for them, and what doesn’t?

Are there not ratbags out there with something to say, who want to have fun saying it in a beautiful park on a sunny day?

Are there not authors out there who want to practise talking about their book so that when they are interviewed about it, they can speak with eloquence and confidence, and leave a good impression?

Jolly jeepers, Sydney, you are missing out on an opportunity to extend your boundaries, gain valuable skills, and build confidence in yourself.

Jeepers Creepers. If we charged money to allow people to speak, there would be a queue a kilometre long.

4. For most of today The Ladder of Knowledge was ignored by the part-time speakers. I guess that giving those guys The Ladder of Knowledge to work with is a bit like giving the seven dwarfs something more complex than a pick to work with.

5. The subject of anger was discussed today, prompting this scribe to include the following card from the Postsecret website:

1. angry