July 21. Tony speaks, for a change.

Tony the heckler/speaker doesn’t read the posts in this blog, which is probably a good thing. He says he can’t read them because he hasn’t yet figured out this ‘internet thing’. That’s understandable, given that he is still struggling to leave the 1950s.

So, it wasn’t last week’s post that prompted Tony to leave Helmut alone this week. It was just coincidence. This week Tony chose to abstain from criticising Helmut’s science, and instead, stood on his own borrowed milk crate and gave his listeners ‘the correct science’. All that meant, of course, was that we had two speakers spouting dubious science instead of one. Hardly an improvement. And, with Ray in full evangelical mode, anyone wanting to know how the universe began had a range of opinions to choose from. (It was a bit like a lucky dip – the kind in which the prize you get is worth far less than the price of the ticket.)

In the video below, Helmut recounts two brief anecdotes about a heckler in the mid 1970s.