July 28th. Arthur and other ratbags.

Today should have been a blessing because Tony was quiet and left us alone, but we were besieged by another old fart – Arthur, who can be an even bigger pest. He was a serious pest today.
It’s as though the hecklers have figured out a tag-team system to keep the pressure on the speakers, while giving themselves a break. They get one idiot to replace another.
But could they be that organised? It doesn’t seem possible. How they even find the place is a wonder.

When Mr Bashful patiently explained why the James Hardie company shouldn’t compensate asbestos victims, one of his grasshoppers cracked and called him crazy, before storming off in a huff.
That’s what we speakers do – prod people’s belief systems with alternate but healthy perspectives. The message isn’t always received well.

Ray, the fundamentalist Christian, continues to speak near the kiosk and harangue the poor people having a coffee. Sigh.

We had a few passers-by get up onto The Ladder of Knowledge and talk. You can see there efforts in the right-hand column.

The colourful Steve Maxwell talked about Australia becoming a republic, among other things.