Domain Trust: shame on you.

1. The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust has erected beautiful, detailed Information signs for passers-by, and chosen to not include Speakers’ Corner. The neglect would have to be purposeful. (They don’t even reply to our letters.)

The board members of the Trust obviously don’t want us here.

A trust is a lawful arrangement designed to protect assets for the good of the beneficiaries. The Domain Trust was created to protect the Domain for its beneficiaries: the people of Sydney and Australia. It’s the people who own Speakers’ Corner, not the Domain Trust. It’s the people who own the parklands of the Domain, not the Domain Trust. The Trust has the duty to protect those assets for the people. Indeed, the board members in the Trust have been given a privilege. Yet, they seem to think that because they themselves think little of Speakers’ Corner, they can therefore neglect it.

They act as though the Domain is theirs.

Speakers’ Corner has been going continuously for over 140 years and deserves to be protected. Further, it still provides healthy, harmless enjoyment for the speakers, hecklers and passers-by.

It would be appreciated if The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust displayed honesty and integrity by discharging the duties for which it has been entrusted, instead of being wilfully neglectful in its duty.

But that’s not going to happen, is it? Because they’re the Domain Trust.

2. As revealed last week, one speaker crams 25 chairs into his car. The chairs in his boot stay there all week, but the chairs placed on his back seat are moved into his office.

Unfortunately, the trees have many spiders, and the speaker now regularly finds spiders nimbly darting about on the inside of his windscreen and on his dashboard.

And on him.

Who knows how many creatures now lurk in his car.

Yesterday he found a praying mantis on his office ceiling.

He is not 100% impressed.

3. Albert is spritely for his 90 years, which prompts the question:

How old?