A christian attempts to explain Natural Selection’

For the last few months a fellow has turned up to Speakers’ Corner and offered a free DVD to the speakers, hecklers, and passers-by. It’s a DVD about the Christian God. He is charming and friendly, unless you politely decline to take the video, in which case you are submitted to a tirade of something close to abuse.
It’s most unpleasant.
That’s how it was for Mr Bashful, anyway.
This week the man took a turn speaking on the podium. He was there to promote his God and his DVD. That’s fair enough. Speakers’ Corner is open to all. However, some atheists are peeved that although they have learned the Christian point of view, many Christians have not taken the trouble to understand the theory of evolution by natural selection. So, when the speaker mentioned evolution, Peter the heckler checked to see if the speaker knew what he was talking about. The video below is the result.