1.Helmut had a crowd of twenty people mesmerised until Tony came along and interfered. Tony’s pointless interjections prompted the crowd to lose interest and walk away. You can imagine how impressed Helmut was.

At the end of the day Mr B gives Tony a ride to the bus stop. We are wondering: if Mr B were to drop him off at the Greyhound Terminal, would he notice the difference? Could we have him in Melbourne trying to orient himself?

‘This isn’t the QVB. I can’t remember these buildings . . .’

2. It’s ANZAC Day. With the assistance of wikipedia: the Last Post call originally signalled merely that the final sentry post had been inspected, and the camp was secure for the night. In addition to its normal garrison use, the Last Post call had another function at the close of a day of battle: it signalled to those who were still out and wounded or separated that the fighting was done, and to follow the sound of the call to find safety and rest.

It is now used in memorial services and at military funerals, for which it has two generally unexpressed purposes: the first is an implied summoning of the spirits of the Fallen to the cenotaph, the second is to symbolically end the day.

It’s a haunting, beautiful piece.

3. When asked a question, Peter the Heckler had a few considered words to say about ANZAC Day.

4. This coming Friday Tony Robinson’s ‘Time Walks’ program will be broadcast on ABC television, and it includes Speakers’ Corner. Most disappointing. We urge you not to watch it. We speakers complied with their request to speak on Wednesday, thinking our contribution would be a good advertisement for Speakers’ Corner. We warned the producers that on Wednesday we wouldn’t have a crowd. They said, ‘Not to worry. We’ll film it in such a way that the viewers won’t be able to tell.’

We believed them. Sigh.

It’s like we speakers are standing in a paddock.

Holy moly.

It’s the worst possible advertisement for Speakers’ Corner.

5. Andrew Toth came along and the Meaning of Life was discussed. Eliana had a few words to say.

3. Meaning of life 2

6. Mr B attempted to make an advertisement for Speakers’ Corner. The dubious result:


7. The video of Ray and Peter has finally reached (and exceeded) 100,000 views. Congratulations Peter and Ray!

The comments are still evenly divided between Christians and atheists.