38. Homeless footy and music for refugees

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”
William O. Douglas, judge. (1898-1980)

1. It was Fathers’ Day today and to every speakers’ credit, it wasn’t mentioned.

But this scribe has other ideas, thanks to the Postsecret website.

2. Steve Maxwell met two men from the American Hillsong church, and spoke to them about African-Americans in Australia soon after World War II. He must have said something right because the two Americans blessed him.

Steve also spoke about global warming, and he explained why he was in favour of gay marraige. Naturally, dinosaurs Tony and Laurence objected and Steve had a battle on his hands.

3. Mr B also had similar questions asked of him, with the main question being: “Do transexuals actually change their gender?” Mr B said ‘yes’ but Peter the Younger disagreed. Everyone joined in the discussion!

Mr B said that all possibilities on the sexuality spectrum were natural anyway, and he took an evolutionary approach to support his cause. (Speaking of people on the broad spectrum, this postcard is also from the Postsecret website.)

4. The subject of happiness was also raised, and Mr B explained his evolutinary approach to that too. And, he linked happiness with a feeling of connectedness.

5. The ‘Something Nice’ segment, to charm some and irritate others.

Greece, in winter.

6. A bewildered Mr B spoke about the ‘Homeless Socceroos’ who will be competing against 47 other teams in the World Cup homeless Soccer competition in Oslo. He was in favour of it, but bewildered just the same.

He was even more bewildered when he discovered that about 80% of Australia’s homeless have permanent accommodation in boarding houses and the like.

Going to Oslo! Photo from ABC News, Antoinette Collins

7. Mirko stood on the Ladder of Knowledge and generously gave us the latest update on his phonetic language. Here is a taste of some of Mirko’s brilliant work, to entice you to come along to Speakers’ Corner and find out more.

8. Philip Feinstein, the founder of the Music For Refugees website, popped by and spoke a few words about the recent Refugee Council’s report. Apparently, at each detention centre the rules change with the wind. There has been no consistency, and that has been causing stress on the detainees and their visitors.

9. Cheeky Philip seemed keen to discuss
the level of Mr B’s self esteem. Mr B complied.

10. 92 year-old Arthur was in fine form again today, asking lots of nonsensical questions that had nothing to do with the topic at hand. For example, when we were talking about Muslim women and Pauline Hanson wearing the burqa, Arthur felt the need to ask, “What would you do if Marilyn Monroe knocked on your door?” 

Mind you, Uncle Pete didn’t help any, asking how Arthur would feel if Mathius Cormann wore a bikini.


Federal Minister for Finance, Mathias Cormann

11. Other subjects discussed:
– This coming Sunday Mr B will vacate the Ladder of Knowledge during his meeting and be replaced by young up-and-comer Helmut Cerncic. Mr B will then immediately set up elsewhere. We hope this new development suits everyone.

– Thanks to filmmaker Bryan Cockerill, Mr B was able to enlighten his grasshoppers about the rights filmmakers and their subjects have in public spaces.

– Australia’s Federal opposition leader Bill Shorten refuses to present evidence that he is not a dual citizen. So, when Helmut Cerncic stood upon the Ladder of Knowledge, one of his groundlings insisted that he present evidence to prove that he is not a dual citizen. Helmut’s refusal to comply was blunter than Bill Shorten’s.

– Uncle Pete recounted the time when he helped his students discover the making of glass. Most entertaining!

– Mr B described his bizarre experience in a Chinese restaurant in Haymarket. It was so bizarre that some of his grasshoppers refused to believe him! Others thought it was a restaurant conspiracy to make sure he never came back.

– This scribe has the sad duty of informing you, dear reader, that the two jokes told today by Mr B and Uncle Pete were unseemly. But funny!

– “Why the hell should I be fined just because my brother was driving my car and I refuse to sign a statutary declaration to say it wasn’t me?” That was the question asked by outraged grasshopper Greg.

12. Our Facebook page garnered some testy disagreement this week.

However, our Archives site is as placid as ever. If you ever want to hide information so well that no one can ever find it, ask this scribe to place it on our Archives site.