5. It was a gas day, man!

“What we share may be a lot like a traffic accident, but we do one another.  We are survivors of each other.  We have been shark to one another, but also lifeboat.  That counts for something.”
(A divorced woman explaining why she sneaked off to have lunch with her ex, in 
Margaret Atwood’s book, ‘Cat’s eye’)

1. In a bid to be hip, the speakers today chose to speak at the edges of today’s Laneway Festival in the Domain. However, rather than gather around the old geezers, the young people preferred to stand away from them and listen to the hip-hop and rap (see, your scribe is hip, man! Plenty of street cred.). Anyway, it was awkward for the speakers because the wicked big-daddy beat-box used by the organisers to spread their ear-juice made it difficult for the speakers to spread their lolly. (It was difficult to hear, square!)

Unfortunately, there had been a double booking for the Domain. It seems the Man had also booked the Domain for their annual picnic. There were hundreds of them and many had brought their dogs along. It’s pleasing for me to say the two groups were mature about the double-booking and managed to share the park together amicably.

The day ended up a real gas, man!

2. One of Steve Maxwell’s topics was the ‘Day of Mourning’ (aka Australia Day).  It included a tribute to the Australian Aboriginal speakers who have spoken on the domain.

For example, we had William Cooper (1861-1941) who was the first Aborigine to lead a national movement recognised by the Australian Government. Pearl Gibbs (1901-1983) was a prominent Aboriginal activist from La Perouse Sydney. William Ferguson (1882-1950) and John Thomas “Jack” Patten (1905 – 1957) were civil rights activists. They all spoke from the Aborigines Progressive Association platform at Speaker’s Corner. Their platform went from the 1930’s until the mid-1970’s.

The late Donny Dodd was an Aborigine born on Palm Island, Queensland. He was a regular soapbox speaker on the Domain from 1980 to 2000. Donny would talk about ‘aboriginality’.

3. Mr B lipped at length about why we SHOULD teach school students history, which is an about-face from three weeks ago. However, his diatribe seemed to suggest otherwise. He was scathing about history, and kept calling history ‘mental sugar. He claimed we consume far too much of it. This coming Sunday he promises to finish his talk and give us genuine reasons as to why we should teach our kids history. Most confusing.

4. Tony again managed to leave his maximum security abode. When Mr B said fundamentalist religious ‘characters’ preach the gospel earnestly because they are trying to establish status (“I’m holier and more pious  than thou; you’re just a vile wretch”), Tony put up his hand to ask a question. Naturally, true to form, his question was not about the topic. It was about genocides. Mr B tried to fob him off but Tony was undaunted. He held onto his question like a crocodile holds on to its dinner. Tony finally got his way.

Later, when Mr B was about to give dating advice to the smooth operators in his audience, Tony interjected fiercely. “Anyone who wants to date must be psychotic!” he cried, not realising that if he was correct, his parents must have been pyschotic. Which explains a lot, I guess. Perhaps there is some merit in his words.

Anyway, when he was asked, “Tony, what about our need for friendship, companionship, intimacy and sex, Tony?” he responded firmly and with an evil smile, “There’s nothing better than Do-it-Yourself!”

Mr B has chosen to deliver his dating advice this coming Sunday instead. Hopefully, Tony will catch the wrong bus and find himself in Wollongong.

The good thing is, Tony has managed to resume his life despite being incarcerated. He is using the remainder of his time wisely. He is not going gently into the night. He is raging against the dying of the light. (Hip-hop poet Bob Dylan-Thomas)

5. At around 4.30pm, cool dude Mark the Grinner took the Ladder of Knowledge. He lipped about our carbon footprint. He said people who complain about the drivers of SUVs should look in their own backyard to find their their own carbon footprint. And, vegans claiming the high-ground should do the same. Dog lovers, too! His evidence? An article in ‘Scientific American’ and some other article your scribe has forgotten.

The articles made comparisons.  For example: the carbon footprint of a blue SUV Land Cruiser is equal to that of owning twenty pet hamsters for a year. (That’s helpful.) And, it’s equal to owning two dogs for a year! In the two photos below there is a bar graph that he compiled.

What’s the biggest carbon footprint we can make? To have a child. By far! Dig this jumping bar graph!

6. A passer-by insisted
that our education system is outdated. “If businesses flourish by using the internet,” he said, “why don’t we let the students stay home and learn with the internet?”

He received many answers, but he remained unconvinced.

“What do you learn at school, Hans Thomas?” Dad asked.
“To sit still,” I replied.  “It’s so difficult that we spend years learning to do it.”
Jostein Gaarder, from ‘The Solitaire Mystery’.

7. Arsonists like to derail
humanity by lighting fires in bushland. Do SOME climate deniers have the same mentality? Do they try to derail humanity by spreading doubt about the causes of climate change? What if it were the other way around? What if humanity believed there was NO anthropogenic climate change problem? Would the same deniers of today be jumping up and down insisting there IS a problem?
There was plenty of dissent.

Stolen from the ABC website. Facts not verified.

8. Other topics discussed:
– Ray lipped about the big, big daddy.

– Steve Maxwell lipped about the Coronavirus that’s laying out people big time.

– The cool slapper of paint, Steve Maxwell, lipped about another paint slapper, Vincent Van Gogh. Steve is all ears when it comes to art history.


9. This week’s unusual creature from the Unusual Creature Series is three creatures. They are the three panda bears, all native to China. We have here the Giant Panda, the Red Panda and the Grey Panda. All are endangered and all have subscribed to our Facebook page.

Keep it real, cool cats. Check you later.

Giant panda


Red panda


Grey panda