Jean thunders!

1. Another entertaining day! The hecklers were in rare form and had everyone laughing from start to finish. Most entertaining!

2. Jean got up to speak, and the Earth shook! Tempestuous, she railed against the subjugation of women and drew a crowd in seconds! She picked on the delicate Mr B and any other male silly enough to question her. Passers-by were gobsmacked, and one or two cheered.

It was a fun, fantastic effort and we look forward to Jean speaking again. (Except Mr B, who is still recovering.)

3. Her husband, the quietly spoken Albert, speaks occasionally and has written an absorbing book. Albert claims that each and every one of us is part of a collective consciousness, forming a collective connection.

2011-12-26 07.42.16

If you would like to buy a copy of his book ($20) email Albert:

4. A man asked if he could get up on the ladder and speak. Mr B refused and the hecklers howled. So, sceptical, Mr B asked the man what he wanted to talk about.

‘Meaning!’ replied the man cheerfully. ‘Our purpose here on the planet.’

With inner alarm bells ringing, Mr B asked him if he would be talking about God.

‘No,’ promised the man.

So, with alarm bells still clanging loudly in his ears, Mr B let the man up on the ladder to speak. And guess what the man talked about?

You guessed it. He’d fibbed.

5. The subject of assisted killing was raised. This was one response:

1. Life support

6. Tony excelled himself today. He was the biggest pest ever. His habit of being twenty minutes behind the conversation (and sixty years behind in attitude) made his endless intrusions excruciating. To make it worse, his habit of talking while someone else was talking was like having an Alan Jones radio program droning on in the background. Irritating.

Mirko is a mighty pest as well, but he wasn’t there today. Perhaps Tony was making up for his absence? If so, PLEASE COME BACK, MIRKO!

We hope you’re well, Mirko.

7. Helmut and Mr B clashed when it came to matters of science. Helmut claims his science is 21st century science. Mr B claims Helmut’s science is based on this: (Click to enlarge.)


8. Banality free! Regular visitors to Speakers’ Corner are no doubt grateful that in the last two weeks not one of the speakers has wished them a M C or a H N Y. Thankfully, all the speakers and hecklers had the good sense and grace to omit the words from all discussions.

There is no doubt about it: Speakers’ Corner is without doubt a class above all other forms of entertainment.

The numbers prove it.

9. The subject of politicians’ pay was raised. Is the following true, this scribe wonders:

Politiicians pensions