Looking like a million dollars!

1. The Debate went well! Steve Maxwell acted as Chair, and the two lads, Peter the Heckler and Helmut the Heckled, discussed the merit of Sir Isaac Newton’s contribution to science. Helmut looked fantastic in his flash shirt, tie and suit. He looked like a million dollars, as you can see in the photo.

Helmut 1

Peter the Heckler also looked like a million dollars, though in small change.

It is not clear who won the debate, but it was so popular the two men will debate again next meeting. The topic: God is Energy.

2. The battle of the geriatrics, Albert versus Arthur!
Albert is 90 but darts about the place like a blue-arsed fly. He helps carry the 25 chairs from Mr B’s car, carrying six at a time. He is stronger and fitter than most teenagers, and for sixty-five years has been happily married to his gorgeous wife, Jean. Albert is a meat eater.

Arthur is 92. He is a self-confessed ladies’ man who still actively propositions female passers-by. (To his credit, he retracts his invitations when he discovers the woman’s husband standing next to her. You can’t get fairer than that.) Arthur has never been sick, nor been to a doctor (he says), and has for most of his life been a vegetarian.

In the upcoming meeting this Sunday at Speakers’ Corner we will persuade the two men to settle an age-old question: Should humans eat meat or be vegetarian? We already have a debate planned for that day, so the two men can determine who is right with an arm wrestle.

If you hear the sound of a twig snapping . . .

3. For your interest, Arthur the vegetarian believes that it is a terrible thing that tigers and lions eat zebras. (We will ignore the fact that there are no tigers in Africa.) Arthur thinks it’s cruel. When asked what he would prefer: lions eating zebras, or lions starving to death, he answered, ‘The lions should starve. It’s cruel to eat zebras.’ Go figure.

Peter the Heckler asked Arthur if lions should be expected to eat salad. Your scribe doesn’t know how Arthur responded, but it’s pretty obvious that no one should have to eat salad.

4. Speaking of vegetarians . . .

Don't eat veges

5. There were a few questions about capitalism. This picture provides an answer.

1. capitalist