No time to film the passers-by!

A problem is developing. With all the chairs put out for passers-by, the speakers are getting audiences that actually sit for a while and listen. (And sometimes doze, Helmut.) Which means our photographer, Mr Bashful, is too occupied to be alert to the passers-by who want to stand on the Ladder of Knowledge and speak. Unkind souls say Mr Bashful is not alert in any circumstance, but that aside, it means passers-by are not being filmed. Nor are the speakers and hecklers. By the end of 2015 the highlight videos will be no longer than a minute.

To those of you who just sighed with gratitude, get stuffed. The videos are an important part of this website, and in years to come will be as famous as ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, and cholera.

On the matter of videos: thank-you to all eighty-two subscribers on our Youtube channel who ensure each video gets about ten views. The remaining seventy-two subscribers generously leave it to the public to push up the figures. And, thanks to the general public, the numbers rocket up at glacial speed.

Good news! One of our hecklers is now a speaker. He regularly assists the delicate Mr Bashful when the latter is forced to take a break. Today was no exception. For the second time running, in Peter’s care the crowd grew in number. Further, in a brief poll behind the scenes he was unanimously, and highly, praised.
Eventually, he let his crowd go. But he has, without doubt, established himself as one of the best speakers this humble Speakers’ Corner has had for some time.

‘Peter the heckler’ is now simply ‘Peter’. It’s acknowledged in the middle column.

Fans of Peter: don’t be alarmed. Peter will still be taking breaks to heckle the other speakers.