Peter steps in for Mr B.

1.Mr B’s heart wasn’t in it from the start, and when Peter The Heckler irrepressibly voiced his opinions on a range of topics, Mr B saw what had to happen and did it: he offered Peter the podium and Peter reluctantly took it.

The reluctance quickly left Peter, and soon he was ‘feeling sorry’ for Cardinal George Pell (an Australian way out of his depth, according to Peter) and fending off comments from a vegetarian. (Ah, that was a good battle for a while.)

Peter also talked about the necessary employment of unskilled and low skilled workers. And the subject of displaced refugees was discussed. Peter is an adept speaker who can get a crowd and keep it. He insults, entertains, informs and misinforms – all the tools of a good speaker.

2. We had two legends today at Speakers’ Corner. Steve Maxwell was the one we all know and love. Steve was one of two speakers who kept Speakers’ Corner going during the late eighties and early nineties. He is also the author of ‘Soapbox Oratory – the History of Soapbox Speaking’. And, he is an entertaining speaker. Today he brought along some of his stunning art work, though what he spoke about is unknown to this scribe.

Speaking of art and displaced refugees, here is a photograph of a sculpture created by artist Frances Bruno Catalano, which symbolises the vacuum created in a person by being forced to leave their land, their life, and their people – for any reason.

Art 4A

Victor Zammit was the other legend, famous for the large crowds he drew in the Domain in the sixties and seventies. Viktor dropped by for a few minutes and gave the delighted Mr B nine copies of his book, ‘The Domain Speaker’, to give away.

Victor's book

If you would like a copy let me know. Thank you, Victor!

3. After two hours Peter The Heckler finally had enough, so Mr B took the podium. One of the subjects discussed was sex between young men and women. This video, an English advertisement, adds to the discussion.

Mr B also talked about the necessary unemployment of unskilled and low skilled workers. Peter the Heckler had gone by then, so he missed out on being informed.

4. David The Interested asked: will there one day be a single language spoken by everyone throughout the world? A few opinions were expressed, but everyone seemed to agree that if it were to happen, the language spoken would be English. The picture below has a point to make:

1. speaking English