Posts resume!

1.This scribe’s world fell apart for ten days when his computer lost the ability to absorb the internet. Even worse than that, his faithful regular audience (estimated to be about three) were unable to read about what happened at Speakers’ Corner the last two Sundays, even though they were there. It must have been terrible for them, because they rely on this scribe to make sense of the nonsensical. To sit through two Speakers’ Corner meetings without having either meeting explained to them later must have been horribly discombobulating. We hope their recovery is swift.

2. The question of The Dress was raised, and with the aid of a smart phone a poll was taken. If you don’t know what that means, decide for yourself. Is the dress white and gold, or blue and black?

3. The subject of connection got a thorough going over. It was claimed that even though we might have close family and friends, we can still feel disconnected with humanity. The discussion reminded this scribe of this picture. As always, click to enlarge.


4. The subject of gun laws was also raised. One brave soul stated that every Australian should be able to bear arms like they can in the United States. The conversation became fiery.

gun laws

5. ‘What precisely is science?’ was a question posed someone. Here’s a hint:

science 3

6. There was a Mr B invasion today. Scary as hell.

Mr B invasion

Click here to see the video.