25. A visit from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

1. A hot topic today was the suggestion that the sexual harassment laws should be repealed. From there the conversation moved to a related subject: the inequality of opportunity. Here is an example of just that:


2. Guy, from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party, was campaigning in the Domain today with the upcoming Federal election in mind. When asked about animal rights he had something to say about the ‘pinko, lefty Nazis’. Nor is he pleased with the propaganda put forth by the Labor, Liberal and Green parties. Here are a few excerpts:


3. At some point the conversation turned to the killer in Orlando: was he evil or mentally ill? Mr B suggested neither, giving his reasons. A grasshopper pointed out that this year in the United States there has been a mass shooting (four or more victims) at a rate of more than one per day! At this rate, there will be more than 366 mass shootings in the United States before January 1st, 2017. Extraordinary! (Apparently, last year it was the same. 373.)

And just today, on Australian radio, a doctor and an anaesthetist (working in different hospitals) explained how they had been working for over twenty years in Intensive Care Units, and not once did either one of them encounter a patient admitted with a gunshot wound.

Would gun laws, and gun culture, have something to do with the figures for each nation? Do you think?

At least this library has taken a considerate approach: (Click to enlarge.)


4. Guy complained about immigrants taking our jobs, and elsewhere there were complaints about the obscene pay some professionals receive.


5. Mr B asked the innocent question:

“You are an employer seeking an employee, and you are about to choose from two applicants. One applicant insists on being given a yearly wage of $10m, and you know for certain that after paying her wage she will provide your company with a profit of $1m.
The other applicant insists on receiving a $200,000 wage, and you know for certain that after paying her wage she will provide you with a profit of $100,000.
Which applicant do you choose?”

There were thirty people in the audience. Only one person was game enough to answer the question. What would you conclude from that reticence?

6. Another question was asked: ‘Who dies knowing everything?’
The answer was revealed to be ‘A baby.’
Only one person agreed that it might be an acceptable answer. Another was undecided. Everyone else was pretty much contemptuous of the answer.
Mr B shrugged and moved on. Can’t win ’em all.

7. Two grasshoppers – Rochelle and Adam – had something to say and they were invited up to displace Mr B. They spoke about the growing concern young people have for what seems to be diminishing employment opportunities. They recounted a current Swedish experiment in which unemployment benefits are replaced with a living wage for all, rich and poor. They suggested that it might be an idea for Australia to consider.

They presented their case well, and answered questions well from a sceptical audience. They are welcome at Speakers’ Corner any time.

8. Other subjects discussed:
– Steve spoke about Art with a capital A, and about Australian politics. Helmut turned up but remained silent and incognito. And Ray didn’t turn up at all.

– On the Q&A program, Malcolm Turnbull admitted that to get the Liberal Party’s leadership he agreed to spend $160m of taxpayers’ money on a plebiscite that even he believed we shouldn’t be having. In other words, we’re only having a plebiscite because he ‘bought’ the leadership with it. That’s $160m of our money, and a lot of angst for homosexual people, so that he could get the leadership. Why aren’t the media up in arms about his admission? Why aren’t the public?

– Repealing the unfair dismissal laws. That sound idea got the usual poor reception.

– The subject of dealing with fear was introduced with the story of the Tibetan Monk, Milarepa. To get rid of all the demons haunting him in his cave, Milarepa invited them in. With that, they disappeared. Except one: the biggest one of them all. Milarepa opened the jaws of the big demon and placed his head in its mouth. Then it too disappeared.

– A scam call from the Australian Tax Office, that turned out to not be a scam call at all.
(Homework for Peter the Heckler: get on your roof, and ten times say these words out loud to the world: ‘I must not try to predict what Mr B is going to say.’)

– Mr B’s encounter with a healing Christian in Glebe, healing for Jesus.

– Connectedness. The Deep Need to Belong. How happiness evolved. Anxiety. All mixed in together.

9. Approximately 12.5 billion people visit this site on Monday, so it’s hard to understand why only twenty have chosen to sign up for our Facebook page. And why do virtually none of them look at past posts in the archives?