Gary, the feisty Hemp Man.

Tony Boyce rattled Steve Maxwell, as usual. What was unusual was that Steve was the heckler. Effectively, Steve rattled himself by arguing with Tony. Some people choose to shoot themselves in the foot.

Helmut took special care this Sunday to advise Mr B on how to be a soapbox speaker. ‘Stop asking for questions’ he advised, over and over. He has become like a father to the grateful Mr B. Or more accurately, like a grandfather.

Speaking of Mr B, he turned up with a cold, convinced that the infection he had would have killed most men.

Ray generously likes to give the aforementioned Mr B a DVD to listen to. It’s invariably an interview of some sort, always about God. (Not with God Himself though, unfortunately. Mr B might take an interest then.) The gift of a DVD is a regular occurrence from Ray. Ray was particularly generous this week, because he didn’t give Mr B anything to listen to.

Mirko was quiet for some reason. Only two or three times did he drift into the space of the other speakers to poach their listeners. On one hand, that is still two or three times too many. On the other hand, it was a blessed relief. The best news is that Gary The Hemp Man is back as a speaker, and this time he is feisty! Have a look at the video below to see what I mean.