Arthur, the serial pest.

Speakers’ Corner was treated to Arthur, one of our regular hecklers and a right royal pain in the proverbial. Well, he was today. He pestered the poor beleaguered speakers, he frustrated the  confounded hecklers, and he stuck his head into the faces of astonished female passers-by, to ask them questions. As you can see, Arthur has a head on him like a robber’s dog, so it would not have been a pleasant experience. Arthur 2 If that wasn’t bad enough, the questions were personal. Eg. ‘How does a man make you happy?’

Unfortunately, none of the women flattened him.

But can you imagine how pleased we speakers were with his antics? At one point Arthur sat down to take a break, but that didn’t stop him: he asked one young lass to sit on his lap.

Over the past four years, we speakers have tried to make Speakers’ Corner Australia’s premier tourist destination, bigger than the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Uluru and The Great Barrier Reef combined. So far we have fallen short, and serial pests like Arthur make the job difficult.

Mirko, Peter and Helmut argued about the makeup of oxygen and the process of photosynthesis. What Peter and Helmut fail to accept is that Mirko’s 21st century knowledge trumps 20th century knowledge. For that reason, Mirko continues to reject libraries, because the books in them contain only twentieth century science. I guess we’re all waiting for Mirko to publish this 21st century science to clear matters up.

Tony Boyce spoke in his usual monotone fashion about religion, ending each sentence with the expression, ‘That’s what it’s all about.’ Finally, one frustrated speaker yelled to him, ‘No, Tony, that’s not true! The Hokey Pokey! That’s what it’s all about!’ The objection didn’t faze Tony.

Steve Maxwell was in good form, but Helmut seemed half-hearted, and left early.