Two debates planned!

1. The debates between Peter and Helmut are successful and will continue. The next topic: Is it true that Sir Isaac Newton said F = ma?
Gee fellas, that topic is sure to bring the punters!
I bet Warner Bros is already planning the movie.
I mean, who wants normal debate questions like ‘Is it true that the pen is mightier than the sword?’? No one, right?
Wrong. This scribe would like a normal question.
At least tell us what the ‘F’ stands for.
Does ‘ma’ mean mother?
Your question hasn’t piqued my curiosity, it’s killed it.

But, I concede: people have spoken highly of the last three debates, so no doubt the coming debate will be just as entertaining. But jeepers fellas, could you work on your titles?
The classic film, ‘Gone With The Wind’. How would you have titled it, gentlemen? ‘Departed With a Bulk Movement of Air’?

2. A public announcement.
Mind you, given the meagre number of hits this site gets, the idea that we could make a public announcement is laughable. Let’s be accurate:

‘An announcement to the poor sod who has stumbled upon this site.’

There is a speaker prepared to defend the proposition:

“The 2000 Republican Referendum was doomed to fail from the start because of the gross incompetence of the Australian Republican Movement.”
Is anyone prepared to speak against the above proposition?

If you are prepared to speak against the proposition, let us know and we will calmly shoot you.
Or, if that’s illegal, we will arrange a debate between you and the speaker. The debate between Helmut and Peter can be the curtain-raiser for this blockbuster.

Stop the Press! (Yes, that’s an antiquated, obsolete expression, but hey.) We have someone willing to speak against that proposition! The chary Mr B will on Sunday overcome his shyness to patiently point out that the proposition is categorically wrong: the aforementioned referendum did not fail because of any supposed incompetence by the Australian Republican Movement.
Mr B feels obliged, nay, compelled to explain the truth of the matter, and will debate the purveyor of lies this Sunday, after the curtain-raiser.

3. Mr B would like to formally thank Jack and everyone else for helping him every week carry all 25 chairs plus ladders and boxes over to the car. Thank you! Much appreciated. Honestly.

4. Last week I criticised 92 year-old Arthur for propositioning women passers-by. During the week I found the following picture, which chastened me.

elderly secret