Valentine’s Day.

1. Today Helmut spoke about Isaac Newton and held a strong audience.

(No, they weren’t weightlifters. What I mean is: he had a steady audience the whole day.)

(No, I don’t mean they were sure-footed. You know what I mean. You’re just trying to cause trouble.)

Steve spoke about Charles Darwin Day (officially on the 12th Feb), and delved into whether Chazza was religious or not. (Charley thought of himself as Christian, but was he?)

Ray was out to save souls, as usual, in his calm and determined way.

Mr B spoke about how people try to earn their self worth, and about how we should give our dark emotions permission to be with us – and other sickly sounding material. For some time now he has not recommended that we burn the Mona Lisa. Is he having second thoughts? Or can’t he afford the matches?

2. The question of psychics was raised. Here is a video which gives a few insights into how astrologers, psychics, tarot card readers and the like operate.

3. Today was Valentine’s day. Steve Maxwell explained the history of it, but otherwise it was barely mentioned. We will mention it now: here is another postcard from the Postsecret website.


4. It was also the fiftieth anniversary of Decimal Day – when Australia changed from pounds, shillings and pence, to dollars. In the weeks prior to the change television viewers were presented with the following advertisement.

It’s interesting to note that those who made the advertisement got it wrong. In a few instances they drew two lines through the ‘s’ of the dollar sign. The Australian dollar has only one line through the ‘s’. (The U.S. dollar has two lines through it.) It’s a mistake still seen today.

5. The subject of ‘connection’ was also discussed, and a few of Mr B’s grasshoppers were not impressed with today’s social media. (Yet again, the following pictures are thanks to the Postsecret site.)


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Friends 2

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