Victor Zammit – speaker legend – visits.

1.Cataract operations on both of his eyes didn’t slow down Steve Maxwell. He was here today and as vigorous as ever. He was still talking long after the chairs had been collected. His patrons were mesmerised, and happy to stand.

Good stuff, Steve, you tough old bastard!

2. We had a special guest today. Victor Zammit used to speak in the Domain last century – does that make him sound ancient? – yet he was in surprisingly good condition when he turned up.

Zammit heckled

We were given a taste of why he is on record for having the largest crowd in the Domain. He spoke about a few of his memories speaking there.

You can find more about Victor in The History of Speakers’ Corner page.

3. The subject of vaccination came up, and a woman suggested that vaccinations are bad for us. The picture below presents a view.