Mr Bashful, epiphany specialist.

Mr Bashful.

Mark Avery became a soapbox speaker to improve his public speaking skills and get feedback on his ideas. He calls himself Mr Bashful because it’s easy to remember and easy to google. He talks to his grasshoppers about happiness and resilience, though he is nothing like your typical happiness guru. His approach is down to earth.

He speaks of other things too, to give his grasshoppers variety.

Mark once went for an entire year avoiding the news and current affairs in all its forms, and even refused to discuss such matters. His aim was to clear his mind of paradigms and view life with ‘new eyes’. He succeeded only in becoming painfully ignorant.

And, for an entire year he avoided all wheat and dairy products, to rid himself of his allergies. At no point did his cravings diminish even slightly, and by the 365th day his allergies were as strong as ever.

He also went an entire year without eating foods containing sugar: fruit, breakfast cereals, alcohol, sweets, sauces . . . Bananas were the exception. This was to get rid of his penchant for sweet foods and to lose weight. Only after the 9th month, when he stopped eating carbs as well, did he begin to lose weight. As for his penchant for sugar, he was still craving sweet foods right up until the 365th day.
When he resumed his consumption of sugared foods he noticed no change, except that the five kilos he had shed quickly returned, bringing an extra 3 kilos with them.

Mark has become cynical about diet recommendations.

But when it comes to the subject of happiness he knows his stuff. He is more than just an expert on happiness, he is the authority! (That’s what he claims on his soapbox, anyway.) In his site, he provides a fresh, evolutionary approach to the subject of happiness.
See also his other book, The Umpteen Ways to Satisfy Our Deep Need to Belong

Videos of him at Speakers’ Corner:

What world are you living in? (40 sec)
Seven billion people . . . seven billion worlds.

Become the person . . .   (54 sec)
Mr Bashful has a suggestion.

Is there such a thing as a Scotsman?  (3 mins 23 sec)
Mr Bashful says there isn’t.

Mr Bashful’s Certificates. (2 mins 9 secs)
Why would Mr B frame his gas, electricity and water bills, and hang them on his wall?

Mr Bashful seeks enlightenment. (37 secs)
An unorthodox method of gaining nirvana.

Mr B is insulted. (15 secs)
The delicate Mr B has one of his grasshoppers turn on him.

Mr B talks about what really matters. (6 mins 1 sec.)
An eccentric point of view that might just have a little merit.


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