Mirko Terzič, inventor.

Mirko Terzič

Mirko is an inventor who uses 21st century science to solve problems and is a strong believer in the powers of Mother Nature. He has created a written phonetic language that everyone on the planet can use, and his power-saving ideas could save the world (when he can get them working). Mirko is patient with his doubters.

He is also a generous man and a good fellow.

Email him: terzic33@optusnet.com.au

Mirko stands on the podium and is heckled mercilessly.

Mirko and Peter discuss magnetism.

Mirko & Peter 2

Mirko didn’t learn about magnetism from books. After all, they were printed in the twentieth century and are based on dated twentieth century science. Click here.

Mirko enters the BHP Science Contest.

Mirko and Peter

Google regards  highly Mirko and his science, which is why they rate him Number 1. But Peter refuses to acknowledge Mirko’s splendid achievements. Click here.

Mirko talks about two cultures: Greece and yoghurt.

Mirko & Peter

Mirko has a dim view of Greece’s future, but has nothing but praise for bacteria. Click here.

Peter and Mirko discuss a possible oil crisis.

Mirko and Peter

Mirko’s exhaustive research discovered that if Australia were to stop importing oil it would run out of oil in three weeks, which would cause economic and social chaos. Dutifully he reported it to Speakers’ Corner, but typically, some listeners prefer to keep their head in the sand. Click here.

Peter and Mirko discuss the obesity ‘epidemic’.

Mirko and Peter 2

Mirko read that obesity costs Australia 120 billion dollars per year. A disbelieving upstart questioned the truth of that figure, pointing out that obese people aren’t that common. Click here.
Perhaps Mirko and the upstart are both right? Could it be that there are only 120 obese people in Australia, each receiving a billion dollars worth of treatment every year?

Mirko’s fans.

A man brought his friends along to see Mirko’s innovative World Language. Mirko showed his new language to them. One of the men, having written like that as a child, readily agreed that Mirko is onto something.

Mirko and the Mayan ‘prophecy’.


Mirko was asked for his thoughts on what would happen December 21st, 2012, the day the Mayan calendar was to signal the end of the world. Yet after  more than five minutes of questions and answers (much of it edited) his opinion is still unclear. Mirko kept his cards to his chest. What cards they are is anyone’s guess. Click here.

Mirko and Peter disagree about photosynthesis.

Mirko and Peter 3

As anyone studying 21st century science knows, photosynthesis creates water. Mirko patiently explains to Peter (still obsessed with the 20th century) the link between farts, photosynthesis and the Amazon river. Click here.

Mirko and Peter discuss photosynthesis again.  Mirko points out the glaring flaw in Peter’s succinct description of photosynthesis. Click here.

Mirko and Peter discuss Mirko’s startling phonetic invention.  Click here. Mirko has developed a ground-breaking phonetic language which allows any two people on the planet to communicate. His ingenious method is based on the fact that we all learn language from our mother (that’s a law of Nature). Some people, however, are resistant to change, and struggle to grasp new ideas, no matter how clearly expressed. So it is with Peter, the heckler, who obstinately refuses to step into the 21st Century.

Was Jesus an alien?  Mirko claims that Jesus was an indestructible being from another planet. Tony claims that Jesus was not a historian, but folklore. Ray claims that Jesus is the son of God. Get them together and feel your brain fry.

Mirko and Peter talk about the alien’s pyramids.  Mirko patiently explains to a grateful Peter how the image of a pyramid on the American dollar reveals an extraordinary truth. For a start, the author of this humble blog had no idea Egyptian pyramids are antennas for an alien race. Astonishingly, it all makes perfect sense. Click here to be enlightened.


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