Andrew Toth, flasher.

Andrew Toth

Andrew Toth

Andrew no longer speaks at Speakers’ Corner, and if you look at any of the following videos you will see why that’s a shame. He was a most interesting speaker.

Andrew was the only self-confessed flasher on the planet brave enough to publicly declare that flashing is okay. Speakers’ Corner was lucky to have him.  He was softly spoken until he encountered  prejudice or aggression, then he took  umbrage and the whole park knew about it. He is the award winning author of ‘The Exhibitionist’ and other articles.

Check the videos below. They are funny, informative and engaging.

Andrew – highlights (1)

Andrew 3

Click here for highlights.

Andrew – highlights (2)

Andrew Toth

Andrew Toth

Click here for more highlights.

Andrew the exhibitionist – highlights (3)

Andrew 4

To hear Andrew take umbrage with people complaining about flashers, click here for Video 3. He argues that they suffer discrimination and in a vague sort of way he makes a good point. A member of the public discusses the matter good-naturedly with him and she also makes a few good points. It’s refreshing to see such a controversial subject discussed seriously.

Andrew “I’ve flashed a lot of women.”  Highlights (4)

Andrew good

 Click here to hear Andrew turn the tables on us, accusing us of being sexually repressed conformists. Does he have a point? In his entertaining style Andrew explains why he flashes and just how popular it is. ‘We have to put up with things we don’t like,’ he tells us in justification, ‘Things happen that you don’t ask for. That’s life.’ Watch him encounter a woman who has been flashed twice, and a beefy forthright American. The sparks fly in an entertaining tussle. Andrew is now a regular speaker at Speakers’ Corner, but only appears from 4.20pm. until about 5.30pm.

Andrew flashing!


Andrew was explaining why there is nothing wrong with flashing and a passer-by dared him to flash. He complied. (But relax – there are no dangly bits shown on video.) Click here. 


One thought on “Andrew Toth, flasher.

  1. This man clearly has a diagnosis. Whilst he may get gratification by exposing himself to unsuspecting females; what he truly enjoys is the focused attention of an angry crowd.

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