Helmut Cerncic, metaphysics.

Helmut Cerncic

Helmut has been attracting crowds in Sydney’s Domain for decades, and is a recognised figure in the streets of Sydney’s famous Kings Cross. Originally from Austria, Helmut excelled as a body-builder before migrating to Australia and pursuing more cerebral pursuits, such as physics and meta-physics.

And that’s what he talks about, every Sunday afternoon opposite the NSW Art Gallery, from 2pm until 5pm. He is particularly critical of Newtonian physics. But Helmut is no idle speaker – he  does his research, drawing upon the inspiring work of Nobel Laureate Professor F. Wilczek, and Sir Roger Penrose, and others. Those respected men dared to think differently, which is why Helmut provokes both thought and dismay among his listeners.

Videos and articles.
Some of the videos below are serious, others are funny.

A debate about Global Warming.


With deft editing these two characters ‘debate’ the topic of global warming, and make Science proud. Click here.


Helmut begins an onslaught against Isaac Newton. Click here.

Tony Heckles Helmut.

Helmut has a few uncomplimentary words to say about both Isaac Newton and Tony. Click here.

Helmut’s theory in a nutshell.

Helmut can be obscene sometimes.

Helmut 2

A warm but beautiful day was marred only by the highly offensive material from our legendary speaker, Helmut. Helmut directed his vituperations at the young and delicate Tony Boyce who, it must be admitted, got what he deserved. There was a little video footage taken, but it’s way too offensive to be displayed on this site. If you must see it, click here.

Helmut quotes the famed psychiatrist, R. D. Laing.

Helmut explains how the universe will end.

Helmut Einstein

Helmut paints a dark picture.

What happens when the universe ends? How long will it take to do so? Click here to find out. Last drinks please.

Helmut writes about the “Higgs” particle.

Yeah, Lederman called it the “God-Particle” but ‘why’? The “Higgs” has mass, namely 125.3 GeV. Therefore it is “MASSIVE”; if anyone contends that it is the particle of the “Origin of Mass” then what is the origin of the “Higgs”?It seems by far more reasonable and logical to stipulate that mass less particles, or waves of light (eg. Photons) and some other wavicels (eg. Electrons and Positrons) account for the Origin of Mass of the Universe and its “contents”, eg. Galaxies, stars, and all other phenomena that can be seen, measured and so on and so forth.

It appears in hindsight that none other than Isaac Newton misled the world into materialism and atheism; because in his day, 1663 to 1669 Natural Philosophy (a.k.a., Physics) considered “Matter” (defined by its mass) to be the primary ingredient of the Universe.

Thru the work of Albert Einstein a concept emerged, the equivalence of Mass and Energy expressed by ‘S – T’. In addition, Einstein’s first paper in 1905 was a question:  “Does the inertia of a body depend on its Energy Content?”

Furthermore, Einstein’s original formula was, M = L / v2 which tell us where “Matter” or mass comes from, the more Light quanta is available, divided by the Speed of Light (now “ c2 ” ) the more mass (matter made of atoms) can be created…

A hundred years after Einstein the whole conception of physics, vis-a-vis the Universe has further changed. It is now recognized within the framework of Quantum Field Theory that the primary ingredient of the Universe is Space; with atomistic matter arising from space, which is not, and never was “empty”.

Science proves the “creation” without the need for the “Higgs Particle”, which is therefore better considered as a public-relations-exercise in procrastination.

H. Cerncic, M.A. Hons. (Qualif.)

PS: The author of this article acknowledges his debt to Nobel Laureate Prof. F. WILCZEK, and to Sir Roger Penrose and several other experts in the field. Many thanks!

Helmut the Besieged.

Helmut 3

Helmut is passionate about his subject, and doesn’t suffer fools well. Unfortunately, at Speakers’ Corner there are a few fools about.

Helmut gently explains to the appreciative audience why everything in the universe is made of energy.

Helmut talks about science and religion.

Helmut 1

No-one blends religion and science together like Helmut.

Click here to hear Helmut explain why science and religion are under the same blanket.

Helmut’s complaint.

Helmut 2

Today Helmut isn’t happy.

 Last week a persistent heckler prodded Helmut into saying a few unsavoury words, and the police happened to be nearby. This week he dropped in to tell us what happened, and how he feels about it. (Two hints: 1. He’s not happy. 2. No lipreading.)

Isaac Newton was no scientist!


Helmut reckons Isaac Newton wasn’t scientific enough to be a scientist.

Helmut and Isaac have both read the writings of the ancients, but Helmut has learnt from them.

The dog is more intelligent.

Marks Dog 005-1

Helmut reckons the dog is smarter than the hecklers. (And she likes the compliment.)

 Helmut explains his philosophy on dealing with hecklers.

Helmut’s thoughts on smoking.

Helmut 4

“Take another drag, live another year.”

People who believe smoking is bad for you are brainwashed, says Helmut. (And while he explains this he ‘steals’ a lighter.)

Helmut and the ill-mannered louts.

Helmut Einstein

Helmut deals with two hooligans.

 Is Helmut a human being? Tony the lout is indignant at the very suggestion.  Helmut has to deal with him and another lout. Both need to learn some manners, apparently.

Isaac Newton created atheism.

 People are brainwashed with Newtonian Classical Mechanics, says Helmut.

Helmut pounces.

A gleeful Helmut pounces on a Heckler.

Helmut discusses the Nature of God.


Helmut has some unorthodox views about God.

It is agreed that God doesn’t have a long beard, but can Helmut deal with two hecklers at the same time?

Isaac Newton, the ignoramus. 

Helmut isn’t shy when he gives his opinion. A heckler ‘admits‘ that Helmut knows more than Sir Isaac Newton ever did.

Helmut and the Theory of Everything.   Helmut tackles the big questions.

Isaac Newton’s theory is crap.  How did Isaac Newton distinguish between red and blue? Who cares, because Newton’s ideas are 300 years out of date.

Helmut and the Fashionista.  Tony the heckler questions Helmut on his sartorial choices, and then reveals the exotic nature of his own tie.

Helmut and the bolshevik.  Helmut gives Tony a new nickname: ‘Tony Stutter’, and then explores Tony’s past support of communism. The discussion concludes with each man concerned for the other’s mental health. They even take the trouble to recommend possible solutions.

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