Mr Bashful, epiphany specialist.

Mark Avery as Mr Bashful.

Mark Avery is not just an epiphany specialist, he’s a discombobulist. He became a soapbox speaker to improve his public speaking skills and get feedback on his ideas about happiness and resilience. However, he is nothing like your typical happiness guru, and you’ll find out why when you come to Speakers’ Corner or visit his site

Mark speaks of other things too, to give his grasshoppers variety, such as:
– why there is no such thing as a Scotsman,
– why history is just mental sugar and nothing else,
– why free trade is good for each nation’s economy and bad for the people,
– why James Hardie Industries should not compensate asbestos victims,
– why we should completely overhaul the justice system,
– how we could have a different, more effective political system,
– the paradigms (collective beliefs) we have blindly adopted,
– and countless other topics that grab his interest, and hopefully, the interest of his grasshoppers.

Mark once went for an entire year avoiding the news and current affairs in all its forms. His aim was to clear his mind of paradigms and view life with ‘new eyes’. He succeeded only in becoming painfully ignorant.

He presented an Ockham’s Razor talk on Radio National.
He won the ‘Now Hear This‘ speaking competition on Radio National, hosted by Melanie Griffith.
He gave a Sydney Ignite talk on why we should burn the Mona Lisa.

To contact Mark:


What world are you living in? (40 sec)
Seven billion people . . . seven billion worlds.

Mr Bashful seeks enlightenment. (37 secs)
An unorthodox method of gaining nirvana.

Mr B talks about the one thing that truly matters. (6 mins 1 sec.)
An eccentric point of view that might just have a little merit.

Mr B is insulted. (15 secs)
The delicate Mr B has one of his grasshoppers turn on him.


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