Peter, Commentator.

For more videos of Peter go to the Gecko Prince channel on Youtube.

Peter, heckler.

Peter is a TAFE teacher of chemistry, and a regular visitor to Speakers’ Corner.  As you will see in the videos below, Peter is not shy in expressing his opinion.

Peter talks about the tricks universities play to raise funds.

‘People just don’t get it.’

Peter has a few words to say about people who assert something but don’t attempt to back their claims up with evidence.

Steve Maxwell and Peter, the Heckler

Peter 2

It’s all well and good to criticise Tony Abbott’s decision to reintroduce knights and dames, but should Dawn Fraser, Alan Border, Quentin Bryce, Peter Cosgrove, and the Queen be caught in the crossfire? Click here to see it.

Peter gets up to speak.


Peter explained why some religious people are intellectually dishonest, cocksure, arrogant, and big idiots. He did so in his normal gentle manner. Click here.

Peter criticizes Bob Katter.
(It’s a popular video.)

Peter doesn’t hold back as he criticizes Bob Katter, Clive Palmer, and the cool representative from the Shooters and Fishers Party. Click here.

Mirko and Peter discuss magnetism.

Mirko & Peter 2

Mirko didn’t learn about magnetism from books. After all, they were printed in the twentieth century and are based on dated twentieth century science. Click here.

Mirko enters the BHP Science Contest.

Mirko and Peter

Google regards  highly Mirko and his science, which is why they rate him Number 1. But Peter refuses to acknowledge Mirko’s splendid achievements. Click here.

Christian versus Atheist.

A popular clip in which Peter debates with Ray.

Peter and Mirko discuss a possible oil crisis.

Mirko’s exhaustive research discovered that if Australia were to stop importing oil it would run out of oil in three weeks, which would cause economic and social chaos. Dutifully he reported it to Speakers’ Corner, but typically, some listeners prefer to keep their head in the sand. Click here.

Peter and Mirko discuss the obesity ‘epidemic’.

Mirko read that obesity costs Australia 120 billion dollars per year. A disbelieving upstart questioned the truth of that figure, pointing out that obese people aren’t that common. Click here.
Perhaps Mirko and the upstart are both right? Could it be that there are only 120 obese people in Australia, each receiving a billion dollars worth of treatment every year?

Ray and Peter

Peter reckons God is unfair in the way that he punishes people after death. Ray responds.

Warren and Peter (with stupid questions from Mr Bashful)

Warren and Peter

In the 1800s the Reverend Bill Buckland discovered in a cave the skeleton of a mammoth and a human. The Rev. Bill’s crack team of anthropologists examined the human skeleton and determined from its wide hips and from DNA testing that it was that of a Roman prostitute. When the skeleton later turned out to be that of a male Druid warrior, the Welsh were so inspired they began to speak Gaelic. (Presumably astonishing the Irish.) If that wasn’t complicated enough, Peter the Heckler wanted to know why Buckland thought it was a prostitute’s skeleton. As always, Warren had the answers. Click here.

Wikipedia attempts to supplement Warren’s vast knowledge.

Mirko and Peter disagree about photosynthesis.

As anyone studying 21st century science knows, photosynthesis creates water. Mirko patiently explains to Peter (still obsessed with the 20th century) the link between farts, photosynthesis and the Amazon river. Click here.

Mirko and Peter discuss Mirko’s startling phonetic invention.

Click here. Mirko has developed a ground-breaking phonetic language which allows any two people on the planet to communicate. His ingenious method is based on the fact that we all learn language from our mother (that’s a law of Nature). Some people, however, are resistant to change, and struggle to grasp new ideas, no matter how clearly expressed. So it is with Peter, the heckler, who obstinately refuses to step into the 21st Century.

Mirko and Peter talk about the aliens’ pyramids.

Mirko patiently explains to a grateful Peter how the image of a pyramid on the American dollar reveals an extraordinary truth. For a start, the author of this humble blog had no idea Egyptian pyramids are antennas for an alien race. Astonishingly, it all makes perfect sense. Click here to be enlightened.

Peter versus Helmut

Helmut Einstein

Click here to watch Peter and Helmut discuss the nature of God.

Peter discusses Newtonian physics with Helmut.

Do these two ever agree? Click here to watch them ‘discuss’ the fundamentals of physics.

Peter and Helmut and Isaac Newton.

Was Newtonian physics crap? Click here to find out.

Peter versus Helmut

According to Helmut, Isaac Newton was no scientist. Peter didn’t dispute that, but he does suggest that Helmut is a hypocrite. Click here.


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