Ray, Christian.



Imagine for a moment that you believed that your friends, relatives and acquaintances were destined to exist forever in a horrible torment, once they died, and that they could easily avoid that by simply allowing themselves to open up their hearts to God. Now imagine how concerned for them you would feel, and how frustrated you would be that they didn’t listen. If you can imagine all that, then you might be able to put yourself in Ray’s shoes, and see why he is the most passionate speaker at Speakers’ Corner.

In the video below Ray is asked, ‘Would you go to Hell if God turned out to be Protestant?‘.

In the video below Ray discusses God with Peter.

More videos below:

Click here for the video in which Ray explains to Warren how the universe began. Warren, eager to learn, unfortunately misunderstands and leaves Ray speechless. It then gets worse, with Warren coming up with a theory Ray will probably reject.

Ray the Passionate.



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