Warren Buckland, anarchist. (1950 – 2013)

Warren Buckland

Warren Buckland

Warren was a warm and likeable man, and in his heyday was a terrific speaker. He will be missed at Speakers’ Corner by the speakers and hecklers.

Warren and Peter (with stupid questions from Mr Bashful)

Warren and Peter 2

In the 1800s the Reverend Bill Buckland discovered in a cave the skeleton of a mammoth and a human. The Rev. Bill’s crack team of anthropologists examined the human skeleton and determined from its wide hips and from DNA testing that it was that of a Roman prostitute. When the skeleton later turned out to be that of a male Druid warrior, the Welsh were so inspired they began to speak Gaelic. (Presumably astonishing the Irish.) If that wasn’t complicated enough, Peter the Heckler wanted to know why Buckland thought it was a prostitute’s skeleton. As always, Warren had the answers. Click here. To supplement Warren’s vast knowledge, consult Wikipedia.

Ray and Warren discuss the origin of the universe.

Ray and Warren

Ray, a Christian, explains to Warren how the universe began. Warren, eager to learn, unfortunately misunderstands and leaves Ray speechless. It then gets worse, with Warren coming up with a theory Ray will probably reject.

Warren about to fall over.

Warren 4

Warren fell over and to this blogger’s surprise part of the fall was caught on video. (Click here.) Warren seemed shaken but alright, and later attributed the fall to either being dehydrated (while being a diabetic), or to being possessed by evil spirits. (He didn’t think much of the latter explanation.) If you happen to be a neuroscientist or witchdoctor, examine the video and send your diagnosis.

Warren the Homophobe.

Warren 2

A heckler puts forth a possible explanation as to why Warren is a homophobe, but Warren gives a far simpler explanation, leaving the heckler nonplussed.

‘The World Anarchists’ Conference’

Warren 1

Warren once organised a conference for anarchists and persuaded fellow speaker, Steve, to attend. Find out why Steve regretted his decision.
(When the going gets quiet, the speakers tend to have a go at each other. All part of the fun.)

Warren Buckland talks about the Masai.


 Warren loves to bring to our attention problems which have escaped our notice. He then generously provides a solution to those problems.
In this excerpt he talks about the demise of an important Masai custom, due to our interference, and explains that they have now become prey to the lions, and that we in the civilised world have become spineless.

Warren – The Anarcho Syndiclist Federation.

Warren and sign

The Anarcho Syndicalist Federation is not a household name, but Warren is helping to keep it alive. Click here to hear the beginnings of a new revolution.


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