Phillip Adams on Late Night Live.

The ABC’s Phillip Adams has interviewed Tim Brunero, who has organised this coming Sunday’s event in which politicians from the minor parties will be presenting their policies. Tim spoke well and his knowledge of Speakers’ Corner is extensive. It’s an interesting interview and if you’d like to hear it click right here.

And remember, Steve Maxwell and Mr B will be appearing from 12.30pm to 2pm to present their own policies. That’s to make sure you will hear something sensible.

Some of the parties that will be represented from 2pm will be ‘The Shooters and Fishers Party’, ‘The Science Party’, ‘The Pirate Party’, ‘The Flux Party’, ‘The Hemp Party’, Clive Palmer’s ‘United Australia Party’ with sitting senator Brian Burston, and other parties you haven’t heard of.

Some of their policies are as eccentric as Mr B’s. Yes, hard to believe! But here is a sample:
– build a new city called ‘Turing’ with a minimumheight restriction for residential buildings
– beef up renewable power by 800% and have everything in Australia run on renewable power
– invest in all science that will get rid of aging
– smart phone app that allows the people to vote for policies in parliament
– bring back national service
– eradicate foreign aid
– new expressway through the Blue Mountains
– support for nuclear power
– support for euthanasia
– tax-free threshold raised to $70,000
– religions should pay tax

Listen to it live streamed on Facebook or see you Sunday!

Here are some of the speakers: